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IO, mans first interstellar ship is damaged and seeking repairs. Returning home after millennia it finds Earth drastically changed. Seeking to discover the fate of mankind IO launches a probe to examine a faint signal.

Take control of a rover to explore a barren earth. Harvest resources and craft power sources to sustain yourself and awaken ancient technology. Play alone or enlist the help of friends via Lan connection.

Navigate the game with the keys "I" and "O".  Tap either to cycle through menus, Tap both to select.

IO Post Human has been built by a team of 2 in just under 7 days. Created as a submission for the Dec 2018 2 button game jam, this project is presented as a proof of concept that ultra accessible games do not need to lack mechanical depth.

If you would like see more from this project please let us know. With enough support this concept could be expanded from a demo / proof of concept to a larger game project.

If you would like to see how we put this project together feel free to download the source: https://github.com/Blastertoad/IO-Post-Human


IO-PostHuman.zip 106 MB


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So much potential, and this stupid I or O make it all difficult to play.Its a shame really , because I really would love to play this game.
W A S D would be better!


The 2 button controls where a limitation of the game jam it was made for. The entire game is made with UE4's blueprint visual scripting and the source is available if you wanted to modify the controls. Thanks for playing our game.

I couldn't start the game. :( Hitting "i" and "o" switch something and that is all I got.

are you stuck on the main menu or after intro text?

Is there intro text? I guess that I missed something. 
My computer went crazy after starting the game program, so maybe I missed something thinking it was a lag.

so it should open to a menu level with the drop pod. Tap I or O or 1 or 0 to cycle the menu options. Tap both buttons I and O or 1 and 0 to select. In settings you can change input responsiveness. When you start a new game there will be a text scroll,  then it will open to the desert level which is the game.  Please let me know if you continue to have problems. 

This is a comment, about comments

Thanks for giving it a try Gymmie